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Alane Adams Winter Olympic Champions

In the spirit of this month’s Winter Olympics, I wanted to share my thoughts on what I consider medal-winning series for middlegraders that you might not yet have heard of. Of course everyone on the planet is familiar with Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. But what are some other podium-worthy series? I present to you [...]

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Be Thankful for Books (And the Writers That Write Them)

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to send a thanks out to all the toiling writers who have spent countless hours hunkered down over their computers, crafting those eagerly anticipated novels you curl up with in front of the fire, where along with your glass of wine or hot cocoa, you let yourself travel to some [...]

The Writing Life: Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Your story falls flat. Have you ever heard those words? Just when you think you might have a lick or two of talent, you make the mistake of asking a real professional what they think of your story and the truth comes out. “It’s good, but… It’s just not quite there.” How frustrating is that? [...]

The Writing Life: I See Dead People

Scene From The Red Sun: Mavery Encounters Wraiths Spoiler Alert: Don’t Read This If You Haven’t Seen The Sixth Sense, Hunger Games or Twilight... One of the most fascinating stories of modern times unfolds in the movie The Sixth Sense. It delivers the perfect surprise ending that completely spins your head around, and [...]