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Why I Love Being an Indie Author

I have been an indie author for the past three years. Being a writer was a lifelong dream that came to fruition when my son asked me to write him a book he could  read. At the time I began the Legends of Orkney series, independent publishing was really taking off. It offered unlimited opportunity to publish your work [...]

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Finding Inspiration

One question I frequently get asked is where do I get the ideas for my stories from? It made me wonder where successful authors draw their inspiration. The answers can be surprisingly mundane! Believe it or not Stephanie Meyer claims the inspiration for her Twilight series came after she awoke from a vivid dream about [...]

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Happily Never After

After watching the series finale of The Good Wife, I was prompted to reflect on why we crave happy endings, and why messy unresolved ones leave us feeling deprived and let down. I first wrote about this in a blog post back in 2015. I recalled reading a John Grisham novel that had a terribly [...]

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Still Waiting to Be Published? Ten Things You Can Do Today To Feel Like An Author

One of the most frustrating thing for aspiring writers can be claiming the title of author. If Harper Collins hasn’t come calling yet, and your completed manuscript is buried deep in a drawer, or languishing in slush piles, are you really an author? Even self-published authors struggle a little with the question that inevitably comes [...]

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Top Twelve Amateur Writing Mistakes

Imagine finishing your first novel and proudly showing it off to an agent, hoping that lightning will strike and your fabulous talent will be discovered. The problem is your fabulous manuscript is riddled with amateur mistakes that could easily be fixed, allowing the gem that you created to shine through and convince agents and editors [...]

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The Art of Writing a Great Series

  Imagine sitting down one day and thinking up an idea for a series that would take over two million words to write…How would you convince readers to come back book after book, year after year, and remain as avidly committed to the story line in the last hundred words as they did in the [...]

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The Writer’s Promise

If you’re an author, there is nothing more exciting, or daunting, than starting a new book. It’s like stepping onto the deck of a ship and heading out to sea for an undetermined amount of time. Months, maybe even years. You step on board, prepared to invest your heart and soul into the characters you [...]

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Desperate Times

It seems like everyone is a writer these days. It used to be such an exclusive club only a lucky few could enter if they were deemed worthy by a highly picky and difficult to reach agent, who then had to convince an even pickier, loftier publisher. But once inside the hallowed walls of a [...]

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Hello…It’s me…

  I’m in California... No really, I am. That’s where I live. Isn’t it amazing how a few simple words can become so indelibly linked with a song we heard for the first time less than four months ago? I love Adele. Gorgeous voice. I wish my writing read as beautiful as her voice sounds. [...]

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Happily Ever After

I once read a John Grisham novel (the name escapes me) that had a terribly unhappy ending. The main character did not get the girl, in fact, he lost everything when she took off with the money and his dreams of a happy ending. Years later, that book still sticks in my craw because after [...]

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